Meetings are Expensive

Mar 1, 2017

Santhosh Sundar

Let’s assume you have a team of 10 senior developers working on a bunch of tasks for 8-hours a day and they are billed at $100/hour. The combined time consumed by 10 developers is 80 hours at the cost of $8,000 for a given day. In theory, that’s a budget well spent if your developers had a productive 8-hours of their day. But then, there are meetings to attend.

One of my coworkers at Mondo Robot has a hilarious and useful policy for deciding whether to go to a meeting:

No agenda, no attenda!

Simple, funny and cuts to the core of the problem outlined by Santhosh on Hackernoon. I consider meetings expensive, so I don’t schedule them unless they are mission critical. Try to help your team members do the same!