Measure Twice, Cut Once

May 4, 2016

Shims, Jigs and Other Woodworking Concepts to Conquer Technical Debt

In this exclusive interview, [Kimber Lockhart] deconstructs technical debt and offers woodworking techniques that will better help you manage it. Like other shrewd technical minds on tradeoffs, she shares how to astutely approach shortcuts, especially in engineering environments where the need for both speed and integrity can be paramount.

I loved this exploration of technical debt on engineering teams through wood working metaphors. I’m starting to get into wood working, so it’s fun to see the worlds collide!

Begin code review before anyone codes. The best technical teams envision — not just review — code together. “It goes without saying that some form of code review is essential in any type of engineering organization,” Lockhart says. “Early on, pair development or sitting next to each other reading through code will work. As the team grows, it might be important to get code reviews more formally from different individuals or teams.”

It works!