Code and Thoughts

Apr 25, 2014

After spending a year as a full-time Front End Developer, I’ve realized a couple of things help me get through the day better than others:

  • Communicating with members of my team when working on a particularly tough problem. Stack Overflow and MDN go a long way, but simply explaining your issue to another developer is often the quickest way to a solution. Sometimes you figure it out just by writing it down!
  • Learning by doing. Tutorials can come in handy in a pinch, but I get way more out of self-exploration every time.
  • Reflection after the fact. Following a stressful day at work, I usually want nothing more than to just crash and binge a few Netflix episodes. This is not a good way to retain what I learned from that stressful experience. Reflection allows me to immediately assess the day and remember its lessons for a longer time.

Communicating, Learning, and Reflecting are the goals of this blog. Sometimes I’ll write a post on code I wrote. Other times my writing will explore parts of life outside of the workplace. Regardless of the subject matter, the theme will always come back to one or more of those goals.

Please read along and let me know what you think!